Swackett Weather API: API Pricing and Availability

How much does it cost to use the Swackett API?

It’s free for up to 1,000 API calls each day. After that, we prorate each additional call at a rate of $0.0001 per call.

The counter resets every day at midnight UTC. As long as you make fewer than 1,000 calls each day, the API is free. No credit card is required to begin using the API.

Why can’t I make more than 1,000 calls per day?

If you have not added a credit card to your account, you are limited to 1,000 call per day. Calls in excess of the limit will register with a 404 Limit Exceeded error in the Dashboard.

This limit automatically resets each day at midnight UTC. 

Digital invoices for accounts balances are issued every 30 days and automatically paid via Stripe (subscription billing). If any invoices in your account remain unpaid for any reason after an addition 30 days your account will lock . If your account has been locked and you would like it to be unlocked, please create a ticket in the Support Center.

Protecting Your Personal and Financial Privacy

We get it. At Swackett we view your privacy as a fundamental human right. We protect your privacy in all modern Swackett apps and services. Swackett will never sell your private information to any third party. Above all, we do not track you — and we do not track your customers.

Our commitment to privacy extends to financial transactions as well. We add an extra level of security to every financial transaction. Thought our partnership with Stripe this web site is PCI Compliant — helping to keep your information secure.

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