Swackett Weather API :: Error Codes

A table of Error Codes for the Swackett Weather API appears below.

Any time your API generates an error it is recorded. A complete history of all your API calls is available in the Dashboard.

If you need additional help solving an error please reach out via our support site at https://sweaterjacketorcoat.com/support/

#Error CodeDetailsResolution
2300API Key missingMake sure you supply an API Key.
3400API Key is not recognizedMake sure your API Key is valid.
4401API Key is not authorizedMake sure your API Account is active.
5402API is disabledEnable the API on your Dashboard.
7404API Limit ExceededMonitor API Usage on your Dashboard.
9500Latitude not validMake sure your latitude parameter is valid.
10501Longitude not validMake sure your longitude parameter is valid.

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