Why We Use Stripe to Manage API Subscription Billing

We get it. We view your privacy as a fundamental human right. We protect your privacy in all modern Swackett apps and services.

Our commitment to privacy extends to financial transactions with an added level of security: we are PCI Compliant through our partnership with Stripe.

Stripe is a week respect payment processing firm with over 2,500 employees in 14 offices around the globe.

Protecting Your Credit Card Information

Credit card information entered into payment forms presented on this web site is never sent to Swackett servers. Instead, the information is sent directly to Stripe. Swackett does not have any access to your credit card information. Your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

Swackett API Basic Subscription

The basic API subscription plan with a daily limit of 1,000 calls.

$9.99/month until cancelled
Swackett API 10K Boost

Add an extra 10,000 calls to your API cap without changing your subscription.


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