"My Swackett weather app for iPhone has always been my most accurate and fun app..."
— Mervin K. (Janaury 2018)
Will I Need a Sweater, Jacket or Coat today?
Introducing your visual weather forecast...


Swackett® for iOS, version 5.2

Beautifully crafted screens that present weather forecasts with humor, precision and clarity.

A union of intelligent mobile design and information architecture. Rebuilt from the groud up using our new IQ Weather Engine — and completely redesigned for iOS 12.

Built on the new Swackett IQ Weather Engine.

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Swackett® for macOS, version 5.2

Swackett has been "a whole new way to look at weather" since 2010. We convert complex weather data into easily-understood visual weather reports — designed for people of every age.

Our unique approach is to combine raw weather data (current conditions, radar, satellite imagery and detailed forecasts from multiple data services) with thoughtfully crafted people symbols (affectionately called "Peeps") who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather.

If Swackett Peeps appear sporting sunglasses, wearing a jacket, or carrying an umbrella — you probably should be too.

in 2018 each Swackett app has been been carefully re-built using state-of-the-art technology — technology built with a user’s privacy as a chief concern — resulting in new Swackett tech affectionately referred to as the IQ Weather Engine.

Mac App Store

Swackett for macOS version 5 is available now, and has been ranked the #1 Weather App for macOS is 55 countries worldwide (June 4th, 2018).


Swackett apps for your favorite devices including iPhone, Mac, iPad, your favorite web browser — and code snippets to plug in to your very own web site.

Swackett for macOS
Swackett for iOS
Atmospheric by Swackett
Swackett Web App
A complete list of all Current App Versions and the status of each release is available here.

Peeps (People Symbol) Editions

Personalize your Swackett experience with Peep Editions that fit your life (and make you smile).

Classic Peeps
The 1950's Edition
Dog Walking Index
British Invasion Peeps

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The TODAY Show (NBC)

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Ranked #1 Weather App in 55 Countries Worldwide (June 2018)

New Apps and Games We Love (Apple, June 2018)

Best of Mac App Store (Apple)

App Store Rewind (Apple)

Design and Technology Award (DATA Award)

Ranked #1 Weather App in 67 Countries Worldwide (November 2011)

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