The IQ Weather Engine

Beginning in 2016, all of Swackett’s core systems (apps, servers, weather logic) were carefully re-built using state-of-the-art technology — code designed with a user’s privacy as a chief concern.

Swackett’s IQ Weather Engine delivers accurate forecasts while protecting your privacy.

We get it. We view your privacy as a fundamental human right. We protect your privacy in all modern Swackett apps.

Swackett apps DO NOT collect, store or manage any personally identifiable information about you.

C. Scott Gilbert — Founder and Director

In order for Swackett to provide a visual weather forecast, our apps need to know the location for which you want a forecast (to be able to provide a forecast of real value to you). Respecting your privacy, we do not share the location of your weather forecasts with any third parties. We do not sell this information.

We think this is a big deal — and we’ve invested substantial resources to deliver accurate micro-weather forecasts while protecting your privacy. This brand-new Swackett tech is affectionately referred to as the  IQ Weather Engine. All modern Swackett apps feature IQ Weather Engine assets and logic.