Swackett 5 Selected as a “New App We Love” by Apple

Swackett is honored to have once again been selected for recognition in the Mac App Store. Selected as one of “New Apps and Games We Love”, Swackett 5 is featured on the Home page of the Mac App Store — and quickly thereafter rose to be the #1 Weather App is 55 countries worldwide according to AppAnnie Rankings.

Various Swackett apps have been featured by Apple seven times over the years — this makes our 8th feature spot. We are grateful beyond words. Thank You!

Are You Writing About a Swackett App?

Writing about Swackett?  You’re not alone! Swackett apps have been featured on CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, FORTUNE, Mashable, CNBC — and even the Wall Street Journal.

We want to thank you for taking the time to write about our apps — and have provided resources such as logos and screen shots to help your story.

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The Original Swackett App Has Evolved

Swackett has always been a whole new way to look at the weather. We convert complex, raw weather data into easily-understood, visual weather reports — designed for people of every age. Our unique approach is to combine raw weather data (current conditions, radar, and detailed forecasts) with thoughtfully crafted people symbols (called “peeps”) who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather.

In short, if Swackett Peeps appear sporting sunglasses, wearing a jacket, or carrying an umbrella — you probably should too.

Swackett 1.0 in the Mac App Store, Circa 2011

It’s all about to change: Soon we’ll be launching Swackett for macOS — version 5 — an even newer way to look at the weather. Redesigned from the original sketches in 2010, the original Swackett team has been working on this evolution for more than two years.  Swackett for macOS will be the first new app to utilize the IQ Weather Engine — and will add a fun new dimension to Swackett peeps. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Coming Soon…

Under New Ownership: The Backstory

Swackett was an accident.

January 6, 2011 : Swackett was launched as a side project of Swackett’s original founder, C. Scott Gilbert, as a new initiative exploring emerging mobile app markets.

Swackett was an instant hit on launch day with 30,000 new users — 100,000 new users in the first week. After a year Swackett had garnered more than one million unique users.

It was a blessing and a curse.

Supporting a new rush of users is expensive. Infrastructure to properly service 1,000,000 users requires significant resources. Because Swackett started as a side project very little planning had gone into monetization of the brand. As often happens in situations like these, a founder of a company needs to find investors to keep a promising new enterprise operating. And just as often, a founder looses controlling interest in the company that they’ve poured their heart and soul into. Equity can be a tricky thing.

Such was the case with Swackett.

In the first few years Swackett’s unique user base grew to millions of people. Swackett partnered with major brands to promote clothing, eyewear, movies and TV Shows**. Swackett “peeps” became famous — even appearing on NBC’s TODAY Show.  Swackett was ranked as the #1 weather app in 67 countries worldwide.

Sounds great, right?

It was and it wasn’t. Over time conflicting leadership ideologies and revenue generating priorities collided — and all Swackett products suffered. Eventually, after 10 different Swackett apps and tens of millions of downloads, Swackett Headquarters in Brookville, Pennsylvania closed it’s doors.

2016 : A New Beginning

Five years after it’s launch, Swackett’s original founder bought out any remaining investors and launched a brand new company: sweaterjacketorcoat.com, LLC. The company was moved to Bakery Square, the heart of Pittsburgh’s new center for technological innovation — and home to companies like Apple, Google, Uber, Carnegie Mellon University, UPMC Enterprises and Management Science Associates (MSA).

Then came the modernization of Swackett’s core technologies (apps, servers, weather logic). Each has been been carefully re-built using state-of-the-art technology — technology built with a user’s privacy as a chief concern — resulting in new Swackett tech affectionately referred to as the  IQ Weather Engine.

The mission of this new Swackett endeavor is to surprise and delight our users with innovative weather forecasts: to return to what made Swackett great when it launched in 2011.  With our new IQ Weather Engine and our renewed focus on innovation — we hope to  surprise and delight our users for many years to come.

2018 : Swackett version 5

In 2018 Swackett will launch all new Swackett apps based on the new IQ Weather Engine. Swackett for macOS will be the first new app to utilize the IQ Weather Engine — and will add a fun new dimension to Swackett peeps. We can’t wait to share it with you!  Coming soon.

**Swackett Brand Partners have included majors brands line American Eagle Outfitters, Warby Parker, and 20th Century Fox.

Introducing Atmospheric™ by Swackett®

Atmospheric™ by Swackett® is an elegant weather observation instrument with a retro, 1950’s-era feel. Replicating the look and feel of a mechanical device in every detail, Atmospheric’s vintage gauges and dials are faithfully reproduced in stunning high resolution. Special attention is paid to mechanical functionality — with the gauge needles even responding to subtle bumps and inertia..

Atmospheric will transport you back to time when meteorologists, the aviation industry, and weather enthusiasts around the world used mechanical gauges and dials to observe weather conditions.  This app is a must-have for any iPad or weather enthusiast.

Download Atmospheric™ by Swackett® from the App Store

Swackett, 20th Century Fox Partner to Promote Ice Age: Collision Course

Swackett® and 20th Century Fox are partnering to bring Swackett users exclusive access to smart, weather-aware clothing recommendations based on Michael “Mike” Thurmeier’s animated film “Ice Age: Collision Course”, which opens in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Starting today, Swackett users will have the opportunity to enable the Ice Age: Collision Course artwork (Swackett peeps) as Manny, Diego, and Sid join up with Buck to fend off a meteor strike that would destroy the world.

Dog Walking Index Updated for Swackett

Swackett’s latest flagship weather app (Swackett 2) comes with a lot more screen real estate for showcasing peeps (Swackett people symbols). All of Swackett’s signature peep editions are being converted to high resolution artwork — and the Dog Walking Index is no exception.  The Swackett Dog Walking index — now at version 2 — features bigger, crisper and more entertaining artwork than ever before.

Swackett Dog Walking index benefits Canine Companions for Independence. The premise for the partnership is swackett’s newly launched dog walking index, a feature that tells users when weather conditions are best for their dog on a scale of one to 10. The CCI brand will be represented on the dog images featured in the app to help raise awareness for the organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and to professional caregivers. Additionally, swackett users will be able to donate to CCI straight from the app by clicking on the dog images – an innovative fundraising approach.