Apple’s Mac App Store sparks another software gold rush

“There’s so much competition in the regular App Store,” Gilbert said of Apple’s mobile software store and its 300,000 apps. “I thought if we could be there on day one in the Mac App Store, we could rise above the noise.” And they did. Swackett was on track to get 100,000 downloads in its first week. The developers are making money from ads, which had been shown 2 million times in six days.”

Story by Mark Milian

This Day in Swackett History: Swackett is Born

On this day in 2011 Swackett for Mac made it’s debut on the front page on the brand new Mac App Store.

Swackett would see of 30,000 downloads on it’s first day of availability — and actually trended on Twitter.  In the first 10 day of availability more than 100,000 would download Swackett.

The number grew to over a million in 2011 — and saw Swackett ranked as the #1 weather app in the world for 67 countries worldwide.

Swackett for Mac would be ranked the #1 weather app in the Mac App Store for 4 years running.

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