Swackett Fun Fact: Sheep

Swackett Fun Fact:   “When sheep gather in a huddle, tomorrow will have a puddle.” Although this rhyme is cute, the weather that comes with it isn’t. It’s believed you can expect a storm if these animals crowd together and shield each other.

Swackett Weather Fun Fact: Sun

Swackett Weather Fun Fact:   Because the temperature of the sun is 6,000° K (5,726.85° C, 10,340.33° F), it can be only one color: white. It appears yellow from Earth because of our atmosphere, which tints it yellow.

Swackett Fun Fact: Rain

Swackett Fun Fact:  The first all umbrella shop opened in 1830, called “James Smith and Sons” and  is still located at 53 New Oxford Street in London, England.

Swackett Weather Fun Fact: Earthquake

Swackett Weather Fun Fact:   A seiche (prodounced SAYSH) is an internal wave oscillation in swimming pools or any body of water,  lasting for a few moments or hours long after the generating force of an earthquake is gone.

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