Swackett Fun Fact: Finding Your Size

Swackett Fun Fact:   On the Netherlands’ Terschelling Island, thousand of sneakers washed up on the beach in February 2006 when containers from the P&O Nedlloyd ship ‘Mondriaan’ fell out to the sea after getting caught in a storm.

Swackett Fun Fact: Name It

Swackett Fun Fact:  Can you name some popular movies about weather?  Swackett Headquarters will get you started – Day After Tomorrow (2004) , extreme weather events.

Swackett Fun Fact: Strange Things That Washed Up on Beaches

Swackett Fun Fact:   In 2007, residents of the Dutch North Sea island of Terschelling, located 70 miles north of Amsterdam, went bananas (literally) when thousands of bananas washed ashore after at least six containers of the fruit fell off a cargo ship in a storm and at least one burst open.

Swackett Weather Fun Fact: Migration, Fog and NYC

Swackett Weather Fun Fact:   The tower lights on the Empire State Building are turned off on foggy nights during the spring and autumn bird migration seasons, so the lights shining through the fog will not confuse birds and cause them to fly into the building.

Swackett Fun Fact: Sea Foam

Swackett Fun Fact:   Cappuccino coast, commonly named sea foam, occurs when algae and waste is in the water and these components act as surfactants (like shampoo) and reduce the surface tension, creating bubbles and foam.