A Very Swackett Response to “Apped Out”

A Very Swackett Response to “Apped Out”, an Editorial Appearing in the St. John Telegram, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

”You can open the front door, check the weather and decide whether you need a sweater, a jacket or a coat, or you can spend $13.99 on Swackett — The Telegram

A delightful article! Thank you for including Swackett.  😃

We definitely get what you mean about “common sense” — or a lack thereof — in today’s world. It seems our world could benefit in numerous ways by a healthy application of common sense to the lives of so many people. That said, we respectfully submit that you’ve might have cast Swackett in an over-simplistic light.  It happens a lot, actually.

We’re so enthusiastic about Swackett we’ve prepared a response. 😉

A Very Swackett Response to “Apped Out”

Yes, you can open your front door and get a feel for the weather around you — at that moment in time.  But a useful weather forecast is SO much more.  And what a casual poke out the front door cannot tell us is what kind — or what severity — of weather is coming an hour from now. Or within 48 hours. Or over the next 7 days.

Swackett does that — and so much more — from the comfort of your bed, couch, or (humbly) the bathroom.

We each ask ourselves a series of core questions when we ponder the weather in our area.  Swackett was built to help you answer these questions — before you open the front door — and in less time that it would take to walk to the front door.  Sometimes that simple convenience feels SO nice.

These are the questions that Swackett can answer for you:

  • Will it rain later today?  Or in the next 60 minutes?
  • What will be the coldest — and the very warmest — I can expect the temperature to reach today?  (What clothing do I need to leave the house with today?  How do I dress my kid for the school bus?)
  • Will I need a coat later today — or an umbrella?
  • How windy will it be later today? (Do I need to bring in the house plants off of my porch?)
  • Which way is precipitation moving through my area?  (Swackett answers this question with animated imagery.)
  • Will it be sunny this weekend?

The list of questions goes on and on.

A Very Swackett Response to “Apped Out”, an Editorial Appearing in the St. John Telegram, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

You can’t truly answer any of these questions by opening your front door — and sometimes — you need an accurate answers. Properly dressing a child for the elements, or a pet, or ourselves — to keep those we love warm, cool, or dry — is a big responsibility. Weather is a serious subject — even though our Swackett “peeps” help to make it fun.

Yes there are a lot of apps out there — and maybe there are too many apps.  The trick — we believe — is to find the right mix of apps that give you the information you need to make your life better — in the shortest amount of time — and with the smallest amount of effort.  Find those apps you can’t live without. Love them. And when you make those apps part of your morning scroll — take note that some of their graphic elements — like our beloved Swackett peeps — are trying to bring a smile to your face.  ☺️

Thanks again for including Swackett in your story.

Our very best to you and to the St. John community,

Team Swackett

Read the Telegram’s full story — recommended by Team Swackett:


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