New for Swackett 6 and iOS 13: The Minimalist Collection

Visualize only what you really need to know.

The Minimalist Collection features weather widgets reflecting a minimalistic design style. Free from unnecessary visual distractions, these widgets present important weather information using simple icons and straightforward text narrative.

By design, the Minimalist Collection contains none of the famous Swackett Peeps.

Available now in Swackett 6-Series Apps.

New in Swackett 6 for iOS 13: Weather Widget Collections

Choose the weather information you want to view — and how you see it. It’s like crafting your own weather app.

Over the years people have been very vocal about their Peeps in Swackett apps. Some people adore them. Other people think they are a distraction. With Swackett 6 the user can decide which user interface objects to turn on — so you can have your Peeps (and any other Swackett widget) just the way want them.

Swackett 6 apps feature dozens of weather widgets grouped into stylized collections. Widget collections can be enabled with a single tap — and widgets from different collections can be mixed and matched to suit any need. 

Because widgets can change their appearance based on the data they are displaying — and because of the sheer number of available widgets — the ability to display a widget’s name and ID is available in Settings. Making the widget name and ID visible can aid in organizing widgets to suite a user’s taste.

Widget names and IDs are hidden by default, but can be made visible when needed. Visibility is controlled in the Layout and Skins section of the Setting tab.

Available now the App Store.

New in Swackett 6 for iOS 13: Today Extension Widgets

Check the forecast with a single swipe right. It’s the easiest way to enjoy Swackett.

Swackett 6 features brand new Today Extension Widgets for iOS. View Swackett Peeps, a handy Weather Snapshot (featuring 6-hour, 12-hour and 7-day forecast details) and animated radar loops* (where available) made visible with a simple swipe right — even from the lock screen. 😃

Available now the App Store.

*Animated radar loops require a Swackett PRO subscription.

New for Swackett 6 and iOS 13: The Little Peeple Edition

A little version of Swackett specifically designed for the young people in our lives! Featuring little peeps engaged in weather-appropriate activities, this lil’ edition is fun, fast and accurate.

Designed for children ages 4 – 9 this edition can be helpful with decision making and building independence. Children are able to open the app by themselves, view the daily weather symbols, and use that information to choose appropriate clothing to wear. Parents and caregivers appreciate that it lightens their daily workload.

Features appealing to young people are the child-like figures dressed in clothing that currently correspond to the weather and colorful graphics.

Available now in Swackett 6-Series Apps.

New for Swackett 6 and iOS 13: The Pittsburghese Edition

Yinzer (noun): Historically used to identify the people from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region who often speak with a heavy Pittsburghese accent. As Team Swackett is born and bred in Western Pennsylvania — we couldn’t wait to add a special Pittsburghese Edition so our peeps would be all like “Swackett n’at — the quirky little weather app for Yinzers”.

Available now in Swackett 6-Series Apps.

Now Playing on Swackett :: Morning and Evening Weather Updates (via Push Notification)

Swackett for iOS now features special weather updates sent to your phone in the morning and evening (via push notification).

At a glance you can now be made aware of important weather details — without unlocking your phone — or opening the Swackett app.

Up-to-date weather details for your current location are crafted into a brief update message — with full details available with a single tap via the Swackett app.


To activate these push notifications go to Settings, scroll down to the Push Notification section, and enable your desired time of delivery. Push notifications are sent in local time for your specific time zone.

Morning updates can be received during the 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM and 8:00AM hours (usually delivered at the top of the hour. Similarly, Evening updates can be received during the 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM and 8:00PM hours

 Morning and Evening Weather Updates require Swackett for iOS version 5.2.4 or greater.

Swackett is the Perfect White Label News and Weather App for Local TV Stations

  • Looking for a custom News and Weather app for your local televsion or radio station?
  • Budget tight — but you still need to compete with major competitors in your local market?
  • Want to be able to update the content of your station’s app yourself (and not be dependent on a 3rd-party content manager)?

The Swackett White Label App Is for You

Swackett can build a customized news and weather app for your local station that will differentiate you from the competition — and give you a new platform to drive ad revenue.

Swackett Connect Image Portal

Swackett is known as a visual weather app — showing imagery based on current weather conditions. Swackett’s personal image portal (Swackett Connect) makes it easy for you to update the weather-related images that appear in your white label app.

This means you can show images of your news and weather personalities dressed in rain slickers during a thunderstorm — standing in a foot of slow during a blizzard — or in shorts and sunglasses during a heatwave — automatically.

Componentized Content Blocks

Swackett apps for mobile devices have a clean and snappy interface that is specifically designed to match the look and feel of the operating system. This means your white label app will look natural on the user’s device.

Each cell in the app’s interface is a component — a self-aware block of content that can update and refresh itself independently of the screen it’s appearing on. The content that fills this cell can come from anywhere — including text and imagery from your local station’s web site. You have total control over what content appears in each component and how often it updates.

Individual components can feature your advertisers’ goods and services — can show those goods and services based on current weather conditions — giving you an intelligent new platform to drive ad sales.

Custom App Name, Icon, Colors an Content

Your white label app should and will reflect your brand. From the name of the app, the color scheme and app icon — all are customized to your specification.

Your white label app will support push notifications that you can trigger whoever you wish.

We can manage your app’s distribution in App Stores worldwide — or deliver builds to you for deployment via your own developer accounts.

Brand Partnerships from American Eagle Outfitters to 20th Century Fox

We’ve partnered with the best and the brightest. We’ve got the infrastructure to handle millions of users worldwide.