Swackett Weather Fun Fact: A Gustnado

Swackett Weather Fun Fact:  A gustnado is a small tornado that forms along the gust front of a thunderstorm. They are usually weak and short-lived. Often gustnados are only visible as a debris or dust whirl.

Swackett Weather Fun Fact: Fulgerite

Swackett Weather Fun Fact:  What is a fulgerite?   Fulgerite is fossilized lightning; forms when a powerful lightning bolt melts the soil into a glass-like state. Such a record large specimen was found in Michigan.

Rain or shine, top 5 weather apps worth having

Rain coming? Sunny? This iOS and Android app visually suggests the right apparel for the day, showing a display of a stick person, or “peeps” wearing clothing appropriate for the current weather, such as rain jackets and an umbrella or shorts and sunglasses. Along with a Sun/UV index, the app also adds a “Dog Walking Index” to tell you whether it’s actually a nice time to go and walk Fido.

Full Story by Jessica Naziri

Why the Brands of Some of Today’s Weather and Traffic Personalities Are No Accident

Fast-forward 20 years and everyone has the AccuWeather app on his or her phone, or even more sophisticated ones like Swackett that skip the weather step and just tell you what to wear. As for traffic, just open Google Maps on your iPhone and not only will it give you directions, but it will also point out stretches of highway that are overly congested…

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Weather with a Chance for Fun

Swackett, free for iOS and Android, contains detailed weather predictions in graphics and text. But its main feature is a cute infographic display of a stick person wearing clothing appropriate for the current weather. It also contains amusing weather trivia (as in, one inch of rain is equivalent to 15 inches of powdery snow).

Full Story by Kit Eaton