Introducing Atmospheric™ by Swackett®

Atmospheric™ by Swackett® is an elegant weather observation instrument with a retro, 1950’s-era feel. Replicating the look and feel of a mechanical device in every detail, Atmospheric’s vintage gauges and dials are faithfully reproduced in stunning high resolution. Special attention is paid to mechanical functionality — with the gauge needles even responding to subtle bumps and inertia..

Atmospheric will transport you back to time when meteorologists, the aviation industry, and weather enthusiasts around the world used mechanical gauges and dials to observe weather conditions.  This app is a must-have for any iPad or weather enthusiast.

Download Atmospheric™ by Swackett® from the App Store

Swackett Tops 1 Million Users on Christmas Day

Swackett achieved a new milestone on Christmas day, 2011: 1 million unique users worldwide. This milestone comes less than one year after the launch of the swackett product line.

“This is a Christmas present our app and our users gave to us,” said Swackett creator C. Scott Gilbert. “We could not be more humbled or grateful. What a wonderful Christmas gift!”

Swackett topped 1 million unique users in the evening hours of Christmas day, December 25th, 2011, enabling swackett developers to share the occasion with friends and family.

Swackett debuted in Apple’s new Mac App Store on January 6th, 2011. Featured on the home page of this brand new App Store swackett saw 30,000 downloads on launch day, and went on to record more than 100,000 downloads in the first 10 days. The swackett Web App debuted shortly thereafter.

swackett X followed in the Mac App Store in the sumer of 2011, and swackett for iPhone debuted in the iTunes App Store in October 2011. As of this writing about 4,000 people download swackett for the first time every day.

Recently Swackett X has been named a Best of Mac App Store 2011 app by Apple. This feature collects the year’s best apps, chosen by the Mac App Store editorial team. And Swackett for iPhone has been selected for inclusion in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US.

CNN has named swackett as one of 50 new tech tools you should know about.

“Its been a great year,” added Gilbert. “We’ve got some great Swackett tech in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share in 2012!”

“Most of all, we’d like to say *thank you* to Swackett users. We will work hard to give you our best in 2012.”

This Day in Swackett History: Swackett is Born

On this day in 2011 Swackett for Mac made it’s debut on the front page on the brand new Mac App Store.

Swackett would see of 30,000 downloads on it’s first day of availability — and actually trended on Twitter.  In the first 10 day of availability more than 100,000 would download Swackett.

The number grew to over a million in 2011 — and saw Swackett ranked as the #1 weather app in the world for 67 countries worldwide.

Swackett for Mac would be ranked the #1 weather app in the Mac App Store for 4 years running.

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