Having Trouble With Your PRO Features?

Have your PRO features in Swackett for Mac suddenly disappeared?

The Cause

Swackett apps were acquired recently and — as a result — Apple had to do a “binary reassignment” on Swackett for macOS — from version 5.1.1 and forward.

This means an upgrade to 5.1.1 will install a brand new app on your hard drive. 

In some cases — when an older version of Swackett exists in the Application folder on a hard drive — the App Store application will install new versions of Swackett in a folder in the same location (also named “Swackett”) — both the new version of Swackett and the old version remain installed.  As a result some users are launching the older versions of Swackett without being aware of it — and this can produce an unexpected experience.

The Solution

Make sure you only have one version of Swackett on your Mac.  Check the About Swackett… menu to verify which version you are running.

Making It Right

If you’ve been having trouble with your PRO features please know that we’re dedicated to making it right.  We are here for you. 🙂

Users who have reported PRO issues via our support site can request a free PROMO CODE that will grant them access to PRO features for life (a $9.99 value).

To request a promo code — simply let us know via your support ticket.


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