Version History: Swackett for iOS 6.0

Version 6.0

September 22, 2019

  • New Version 6.0 Hand-Crafted for iOS 13 and Dark Mode
  • New Sky Scan Augmented Reality — Visualize what’s coming your way.
  • New Weather Widget Collections: Classic Peeps, Weather Nerd and Minimalistic
  • New Peep Editions including Pooch Walk, Little Peeple and Pittsburghese
  • New Today Extension Widgets — Check the forecast with a single swipe right, even from the lock screen.

Identifying Weather Widgets By Name and ID

Swackett 6 apps feature dozens of weather widgets grouped into stylized collections. Widget collections can be enabled with a single tap — and widgets from different collections can be mixed and matched to suit any need.

Because widgets can change their appearance based on the data they are displaying — and because of the sheer number of available widgets — the ability to display a widget’s name and ID is available in Settings. Making the widget name and ID visible can aid in organizing widgets to suite a user’s taste.

Widget names and IDs are hidden by default, but can be made visible when needed. Visibility is controlled in the Layout and Skins section of the Setting tab.