Identifying Weather Widgets By Name and ID

Swackett 6 apps feature dozens of weather widgets grouped into stylized collections. Widget collections can be enabled with a single tap — and widgets from different collections can be mixed and matched to suit any need.

Because widgets can change their appearance based on the data they are displaying — and because of the sheer number of available widgets — the ability to display a widget’s name and ID is available in Settings. Making the widget name and ID visible can aid in organizing widgets to suite a user’s taste.

Widget names and IDs are hidden by default, but can be made visible when needed. Visibility is controlled in the Layout and Skins section of the Setting tab.

Partial Outage: Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Updated 5:00 PM EDT

Swackett servers in the eastern United States earlier experienced problems due to a connectivity issue at our data center in Toronto, Canada. This caused sporadic outages for some users (if your Swackett app tries to connect to one of these servers).

This situation has been corrected — and all systems have returned to normal.

We will post any additional updates on this page.

Team Swackett