Current App Versions

Swackett® for macOSMacplatform
Version 5.2.2 (6076)macOS 10.12+version
November 22, 2019 release date
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Swackett® for macOSMacplatform
Version 7.0.0macOS 10.15+version
Coming Soon status
Swackett® for iOSiPhoneplatform
Version 6.0.1 (6571)iOS 11.4+version
September 25, 2019 release date
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Swackett Classic for iOSiPhoneplatform
Version 7.0.0iOS 13+version
Imminent release date
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Swackett Classic for iPadiPadplatform
Version 7.0.0iOS 13+version
Imminentrelease date
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Depreciated Apps
These apps will continue to work on older devices and operating systems through 2018, but will no longer be updated. All of these apps will stop functioning after December 31st, 2018.
Why are these apps being depreciated? Read the backstory.
Atmospheric™ by Swackett®iPadplatform
Version 2.2.7 (341)iOS 10.2+version
January 7, 2019 release date
Version 1.0.3iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Version 1.0.4iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Swackett Classic for iPhoneiPhoneplatform
Version 1.0.8iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Swackett X for MacMacplatform
Version 1.7.1macOS 10.10+version
Depreciated status
Swackett, Jr.iPhoneplatform
Version 1.0.8iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status

Preserving Window Positions in Swackett 7 for macOS

Swackett 7 for macOS contains dozens of windows you can use to customize a weather forecast to your liking. Swackett can manage the placement of these windows to help make sure all windows are visible on the screen at the same time (to help limit overlap).

At the same time, Swackett will preserve window positions — remembering the size and placement of windows that you move. This enables you to build a custom display that suits your need and is the same day-to-day.

Here’s how set windows to their default position — or preserve window positions:

  • Opening a window from the Swackett or File menu will reposition that window to its default position.
  • Opening a window from the Windows menu will preserve that window’s position.

Note: You can customize which windows are opened when the app is launched in the Launch Windows section of Preferences.

To create a custom set of windows with Swackett — windows that open in the same position every time the app is launched — follow these steps:

  • Specify which windows are opened when the app is launched in the Launch Windows section of Preferences.
  • Use the Windows menu (not the Swackett or File menus) to open any windows you can’t see.

Swackett version 7 Series is Coming Soon

And it’s something special.

This new version of Swackett will be made available to all Swackett macOS version 5 users — including those marooned in the older 5.1.x versions as a result of our change in ownership (sandboxing issue).

Our latest flagship app for Mac builds on the strength of our IQ Weather Engine — and layers in the very best of Apple’s latest tech — including deep support for macOS Catalina, Big Sur and Swift UI. This combination of technology unlocks the true potential for apps like Swackett.

Coming soon. 😃