Swackett Network Status

Below are status updates and technical issues affecting Swackett apps and APIs.

Apr 10
Legacy Apps Network issue resulting in downtime of 2 hours, 12 minutes in select parts of the world.Yes
2020 Oct 26Select Apps and APIsWeather data provider issue in select parts of the world, resulting in sporadic server overload.Yes
2020 Mar 7All Apps and APIsDowntime incident related to network upgrades.Yes
2019 Apr 4APIsDowntime incident.Yes
2018 Jun 9All Apps and APIsData accuracy issue related to humidity levels.Yes
2017 Nov 11APIsDowntime incident.Yes

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Current App Versions

We’ve refined our portfolio of weather apps recently to focus on delivering the best user experience possible. We’ve retired some apps — and have lovingly restored some of our very first apps (now called classic apps). 😃

All currently shipping and supported Swackett apps are listed below.

Can’t find your app here? Check our listing of Depreciated Apps.

Swackett® for macOSMacplatform
Version 7.0.2macOS 10.15+
August 25, 2020 release date
Download on the Mac App Store  
Swackett® for iOSiPhoneplatform
Version 6.0.1 (6571)iOS 11.4+version
September 25, 2019 release date
Download on the App Store  
Swackett Classic for iOSiPhoneplatform
Version 7.0.2 iOS 13+
August 23, 2020release date
Download on the App Store 
Swackett Classic for iPadiPadplatform
Version 7.0.2 iOS 13+
August 23, 2020release date
Download on the App Store 

Known Issue: Data Center Upgrade

We are deploying new data centers in Europe (Ireland) and Asia/Pacific region (Sydney). We are making DNS changes in all data centers.

These events could cause temporary outages lasting only a few minutes.

If you experience any issues with your Swackett apps — simply relaunch the app.

This issue has been resolved. 

Partial Outage: Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Updated: 2:00 PM EDT


Swackett servers in the eastern United States were experiencing network connectivity issues at our data center in Toronto, Canada. This is caused sporadic outages for some users (if your Swackett app tries to connect to one of these servers).

This issue has been resolved. We are so sorry for any inconvenience.

We will post any additional updates on this page.

Team Swackett

Partial Outage: Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Updated 1:30 PM EDT

Swackett servers in the eastern United States are currently experiencing a very heavy load — more than 20-times normal. This is causing sporadic outages for some users (if your Swackett app tries to connect to one of these servers).

We are deploying extra resources now — and we are watching the situation closely.

If you experience any issues please let us know, Our tech support lines are open!

Team Swackett

Swackett for Android: Update

Swackett apps are not available for Android at this time.


Be aware that 3rd party web sites exist that claim to offer a free version of Swackett for Android for download. These sites are not licensed to distribute official Swackett apps.

Official Distributors of Swackett Apps for Android

Historically Swackett apps for Android have been available exclusively through through these reputable distributors:

  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon App Store

Swackett does not recommend any other Android distributors for our products.

Swackatoomie: Now Supporting Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 Siri Shortcut Support

  • New “Take It With Me” Siri Shortcut
  • Just ask Siri to “Swackettoomie” and instantly view weather-appropriate items you’ll need if going outside.
  • Works from any iPhone screen — including the Lock Screen.
  • The Siri trigger phrase is customizable.

Special Weather Information

  • Today’s High and Low temperature appear with timestamps.
  • Recommended weather-appropriate accessories are presented along with pertinent forecast details for the day — in Musselman Report format.