How to Set Custom Locations in Swackett 5 Series Apps for macOS

Swackett apps for macOS support up to 15 custom locations.  We’ve recently upgraded Custom Locations to make configuring them a simple, 3-step process. 🙂

Swackett comes preloaded with 10 locations from around the world. You can replace any of these by typing in a new city name and tapping the Done button. This will save your new location.

To activate the new location, simply open the Locations Shortcut panel (Step 02 above) and tap the city name.

Want More Control? You’ve Got It!

Tap the Validate GSP Coordinates button to view and refine your custom location to within 365 feet of where you are standing.

Got Questions? Having trouble with Custom Locations?

We can set your custom locations for you remotely. Create a Tech Support ticket on this site if you have any issues with Custom Locations.

Updated December 22, 2018


Known Issue: Processing Complex GPS Codes

Please do not include the degree symbol (°) in custom locations.

Please do not include N, S, W or E direction designators in custom locations.

And if in the western hemisphere, please include the dash () for latitude coordinates.

For example, Denver has an GPS coordinate of:

39.7392° N, 104.9903° W

But should be entered in the Personalization Center as:

Latitude: 39.7392

Longitude: -104.9903

This work-around will get you up and running while we address this problem on our servers.

This issue has been resolved. 

Swackett 5: WeatherStation Mode

Swackett for macOS features a special WeatherStation Mode as a Dark Mode option. Built for large screens, WeatherStation Mode adds standard weather gauges (as found in Atmospheric™ by Swackett®) to the expanded Swackett IU.  These weather gauges show conditions for the selected location.

*WeatherStation mode requires a Swackett PRO subscription.

Swackett 5: View Ports

Swackett for macOS features multiple viewports to make the most of available screen real estate on all popular Apple Mac, iMac and Macbook computers.

Built for macOS

Swackett made it’s original debut on the Mac platform on January 6th, 2011. Building on that macOS heritage, Swackett for macOS has been
re-imagined to make the most of the latest macOS advancements —  including but not limited to — screen size.

Swackett for macOS is built to take full advantage of the Macintosh platform’s gorgeous high-resolution displays at every size and resolution.

Swackett for macOS features multiple viewportsthat display visual weather forecasting elements based on available screen size.

  • Viewport 1: Standard Mode
  • Viewport 2: Compact Mode for Smaller Screens
  • Viewport 3: WeatherStation Mode for Large Screens

Viewport selection is automatic — but you can force Swackett into different viewport configurations by simply resizing the app’s window or engaging full screen mode.

*WeatherStation mode requires a Swackett PRO subscription.

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