Depreciated Apps

Founded in 2010, Swackett engineers have had a lot of time to do app experimentation. Many of those ideas grew into full-blown apps that were released to the public. Not every app is suited for a long life however — and some of our apps had to be depreciated over time. These apps are below.

The apps listed below will continue to work on older devices and operating systems through 2018, but will no longer be updated. All of these apps will stop functioning after December 31st, 2018.


Why are these apps being depreciated? Read the backstory.

Atmospheric™ by Swackett®iPadplatform
Version 2.2.7 (341)iOS 10.2+version
January 7, 2017 release date
Version 1.0.3iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Version 1.0.4iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Swackett Classic for iPhoneiPhoneplatform
Version 1.0.8iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status
Swackett X for MacMacplatform
Version 1.7.1macOS 10.10+version
Depreciated status
Swackett, Jr.iPhoneplatform
Version 1.0.8iOS 6,7,8version
Depreciated status

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