Issue with Select Local Radar Imagery

Select Swackett apps are experiencing “stuck” local radar imagery in different parts of the country.

If your local radar does not present as an animated radar image for your location — or you see a gray placeholder page — please let by know by submitting a tech support ticket. We are able to work with you to flush the page and get your local radar running again.

We’re sorry for an inconvenience caused by this issue — and we appreciate your patience.

5 Replies to “Issue with Select Local Radar Imagery”

    1. That will change this week as we roll out the new version of Swackett for macOS — version 5.

      We appreciate your patience. We can’t wait to share this new app!

      Best — Team Swackett

    2. Hello Tim! Did you upgrade to version 5? What is your local city? Please let us know. We’ll try it here and get to the bottom of this. 🙂

    1. Bruce — this has been addressed in the release of Swackett 5.Please give it a peek — and let us know what you think! 🙂

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