Having Trouble with Siri Understanding “Swackatoomie”?

For some of our users Siri is able to understand the What To Take With Me shortcut trigger “Swackatoomie” each and every time it is spoken. 🙂

Unfortunately for other users, it sometimes won’t work at all. We are still investigating this issue — but the root cause appears to be how the user records  the trigger phrase with their voice.

A popular workaround if you are having trouble is to record the phrase “Swackett to me” instead of “Swackatoomie”.

Alternately — you can record any phrase you wish. Some example you might try:

  • Leaving the house now
  • Do I need a jacket?
  • Going outside now

Are you having trouble with this feature? If so, please let us know — we are more than happy to help.

Team Swackett

Swackatoomie: Now Supporting Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 Siri Shortcut Support

  • New “Take It With Me” Siri Shortcut
  • Just ask Siri to “Swackettoomie” and instantly view weather-appropriate items you’ll need if going outside.
  • Works from any iPhone screen — including the Lock Screen.
  • The Siri trigger phrase is customizable.

Special Weather Information

  • Today’s High and Low temperature appear with timestamps.
  • Recommended weather-appropriate accessories are presented along with pertinent forecast details for the day — in Musselman Report format.
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